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Vinyl Flooring Installation


Vinyl Flooring Installation in Ogden

Homeowners and business owners love the ease, convenience — and price — of vinyl flooring. For the best in vinyl flooring installation in and around Ogden, Utah, rely on the professional team at Americarpets.

Even though carpets is part of our name, we are a full-service flooring company, offering carpet installation and all types of flooring installation, including hardwood, laminate and vinyl.

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Why Get Vinyl Flooring Installation in Ogden?

Vinyl is such a versatile, resilient flooring choice! Made of 100% synthetic fiberglass, this flooring material is covered with PVC and polyurethane. The result is a strong, durable flooring that can stand up to lots of abuse.

Many homeowners want vinyl flooring in their kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, basement, mud room or any room where the floor might get wet. Vinyl is perfect for families with children and pets — when Fido has an accident or the kids spill apple juice on the floor, cleanup is quick and easy. If your washer overflows or a pipe bursts, the last thing you will need to replace is your vinyl flooring.

Vinyl is also preferred because of how strong and pliable it is at the same time. For instance, tile is strong, but it can crack if you drop anything heavy on it. That won’t happen with vinyl. Its composition also helps with personal comfort — it’s much easier to stand on vinyl for hours than on stone or wood.

Best Vinyl Flooring Contractors in Ogden

If you’re picturing your grandma’s yellow linoleum when you think of vinyl, you haven’t looked at vinyl lately. Today’s vinyl planks look just like wood — but they don’t warp, scratch or fade like wood.

Our flooring company offers both vinyl planks and multistrip vinyl — sheets of vinyl that look like individual planks. Our flooring installers have 30 years of experience with vinyl and all types of flooring. That’s important, because installing vinyl flooring isn’t as easy as you might think.

First, it’s important to make sure the subfloor is flat by sanding down any high spots and filling in any indentations. If this isn’t done correctly, your floor won’t lay smoothly. You’ll notice when you look at it, and if it’s really bad, you can even trip over the bumps.

Cutting vinyl flooring to fit into the corners of the room and around door jambs is also an exacting job. This is where you can really see evidence of your flooring installer’s skill and expertise.

A lot can go wrong with vinyl flooring installation. Your flooring contractor must leave room for the material to expand and contract with the changing weather, or your flooring could buckle. Flooring installers also must consider how the vinyl flooring butts up against the flooring in other rooms. Having the flooring in one room significantly higher or lower than another is against code.

Americarpet Flooring Store

Depend on the professional flooring contractors at Americarpet for your vinyl flooring installation. Call us today to learn more about pricing and style options.