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Here's why vinyl flooring is a perfect fit

Variety is a common thread among all types of vinyl flooring. You’ll get the best of everything, from stunning appearances to impeccable durability, and many other benefits that make this flooring worth your while and your budget. You won’t want to miss this info.

When selecting this flooring type, be sure to consider your specific flooring needs and preferences and then match those against the characteristics found in the materials themselves. You might be surprised to find out closely related they are and how well these floors will perform in all your spaces.

Vinyl floors are a great option for every space

Vinyl floors just make sense, whether you’re flooring a private space like a bedroom or a study, or whether you’re flooring a busy space like a living room or hallway. In both spaces, these materials stand up well to traffic, pets, children, and more, offering fewer dings, scratches, and scuffs throughout its average 20-year lifespan.

There's plenty of durability here, manufactured in for even the busiest families. When combined with stunning appearance options, you'll find every décor catered to amazingly. Enjoy a beautiful appearance from basements to kitchens, and so much more. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call!
With sheet vinyl, you'll get the benefit of a seamless installation in most average-sized rooms. That means that anything you spill will remain in place, without seeping in and causing damage, until you're ready to clean it up. It also means a very different appearance experience, in that the image layer is not broken up with seams to interrupt the natural look of the wood and stone options.

Luxury vinyl floors go a step further in offering true 100% waterproof protection against water damage. Give it try today and see how you like your options.
Affordable vinyl flooring in Salt Lake City, UT from Americarpets of Riverdale

Trust a vinyl flooring professional for your floors

If you're ready to choose your flooring options, be sure to visit us at Americarpets of Riverdale. Our associates are ready to assist you by offering tons of information, helping your browser from our extensive selection of floor coverings, and making sure it matches your requirements perfectly.

For those in the areas of Morgan County, Weber County, Davis County, Salt Lake, and Utah County, we are conveniently located in Riverdale, UT. There, you’ll find answers to all your flooring needs, no matter how big or small the project. We look forward to serving your flooring needs.