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Carpet floors can turn your house into a home

There’s nothing quite as homey and inviting as carpet flooring and when you choose this material for your home, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll get all the benefits the material has always offered, plus a few new ones that are available as well.

As always, you’ll get the comfortable, plush softness that’s always been a characteristic of carpet, as well as the extensive variety of amazing colors and patterns. But you're also going to want a carpet that performs, and you'll have no trouble finding it still today.

Choose the best carpet floors for you

One of the advantages of choosing carpet floors is that you can truly customize the look and performance that’s best for you. A wide range of colors allows you to easily match a variety of décor or choose patterns that can last through many flooring trends. You can even choose a nice neutral tone that will allow you to play with décor options in a variety of stunning ways while never affecting the currentness of your carpet. Visit our showroom today to see our selection!

Newer features make carpet flooring more appealing than ever, including built-in stain protection, right in the fibers of the flooring. These are harder to stain and much easier to clean, giving you a great looking floor covering for years to come. You’ll also enjoy the hypoallergenic fibers that trap and hold allergens, keeping them from causing problems for your family.

You’ll still get lots of great features like noise reduction and heat retention, both of which add so much comfort and peace of mind to your home. The warmth these floors retain, by acting as an extra layer of insulation, can even work to put money back in your pocket, through cheaper utility bills.
Luxury carpet in Riverdale, UT from Americarpets of Riverdale

Get the specific carpet flooring you’re looking for

At Americarpets of Riverdale, we offer an excellent selection of materials and services that are sure you meet your flooring need, no matter how large or small. As a family-owned and operated business, we strive for complete satisfaction for all our customers and invite you to come and see for yourself.

From our showroom in Riverdale, UT, we proudly serve the areas of Morgan County, Weber County, Davis County, Salt Lake, and Utah County. If you’re in those areas, we encourage you to stop by at your convenience and allow us to assist you with all your flooring needs.