Carpet & Hardwood can work well together!

Many people want to install hardwood throughout their hole home.  I think that’s a great idea since Hardwood is the only product we offer that increases the value of your home.  Often times after completing hardwood job, customers come back to ask for a rug to lay over their wood floors. Maybe we can help design a room with hardwood and carpet working together in a family room to help get the value of both where it’s needed.  I suggest putting a 1-2 ft hardwood border around your living room and then installing a bold patterned soft carpet to give your living room the cozy feeling you are looking for.  This avoids needing to buy an area rug later.  It’s easier to clean than a rug, and wears better. 

Accent rugs are beautiful and can make a room feel unique and warm.  They can be more versatile than carpet installed.   We bind and sell a lot of accent rugs to complete the design of our customers’ homes.  There are some downfall to rugs versus a lay in carpet boxed by hardwood borders.   It shows wear and tear faster, the backing can scratch the hardwood, sunlight hitting parts of the wood not covered can cause different shades on the hardwood, carpet rugs sometimes can roll back on the corners when they are hit by traffic or too much heat, carpet rugs can allow spills to stain through the wood if not cleaned properly.

Come talk to one of our Flooring specialist or schedule and apointemnt with me by visiting our website or just stopping by our store so we can help you choose the right floor at the best price. 


Shana Buckway,
Interior Designer Americarpets of Riverdale