Are you trying to decide on a good choice for remodeling your floors? Want something that looks good but is within your budget? Look at luxury vinyl, a smart choice for your floors.

Luxury vinyl flooring
, or LVF, comes in two types of flooring: wood composite layers or stone composite layers. Both are entirely plastic layers with the 3D image of wood or tile or stone pressed together into an 8-millimeter layer. The wood comes in planks, also known as LVP, and the tile comes in tile, also known as LVT. The wood composite can come in a variety of species, with different colors and grains. But if LVP is not your choice, then LVT flooring is designed to look like porcelain or ceramic tile and brick flooring. At first glance, most people don't realize that this is not tile but vinyl.

Because of advanced texturing, LVF is reproductive of what it looks like. The synthetic layers are anywhere from 8 millimeters thick to up to 20 millimeters thick. If you want your floor to last longer, then ask for the 20-millimeter thickness. There is a surface layer that protects against scratches, scuffing, and dents.

Waterproof flooring capabilities

The plastic composite core of the wood and stone layer is completely waterproof. Both cores can be wet for an extended period without any change. So the vinyl flooring doesn’t curl, ripple, warp, or peel from exposure to water. It is ideal for basements, which have a higher than average moisture level.

Maintenance and Installation

LVF is a low-maintenance product. You only need daily sweeping or vacuuming to keep it clean. Luxury vinyl plank flooring and tile flooring are usually installed as a floating floor atop the existing floor. The planks and tiles lock together in a jigsaw format that creates a tight seal to protect the subfloor. Padding, if necessary, adds a level of cushion to the floor. A vapor barrier can also be put down if there is a moisture issue present. Floating floors are usually the norm. However, if you want it glued down, we can do that.

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